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Choosing The Right Lawyer Is Critical

Whether you are arrested for a crime or facing a civil lawsuit, you want an experienced lawyer in your corner who will treat you with respect.

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                                                     Mediation | Criminal Law

Florida Dispute Resolution, Mediation & Arbitration
In Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, Sanibel & Captiva


Mediation & Arbitration

Everyone hates costly and lengthy litigations. A lengthy court battle is a tedious process for all the parties involved.

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Criminal Defense Law

I know how the justice system works and can provide you a powerful voice when you appear in Court

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Choosing The Right Lawyer Is Critical

2019 10 BEST attorneyAvoid the costly, tedious and emotionally straining aspects of a Courthouse trial, resolve your case through mediation or arbitration. The goal is to provide the best services possible to agreeably resolve disputes without the expense, delay, and difficulty of a courtroom trial.

Florida Dispute Resolution seeks to create an atmosphere for dispute resolution in which attorneys and their clients re-examine their positions, creatively explore all alternatives, and develop a mutually acceptable resolution.

The mediation process is where opposing parties come together in a controlled and comfortable setting with the assistance of a Mediator to discuss issues that need to be resolved. This voluntary process is confidential, and in many cases bring positive solutions that achieve better results for all.

Unlike litigation, in mediation, the parties usually come away with definitive solutions, saving time and money. Unlike courtroom litigation, in mediation it the parties negotiate, create and decide the final outcome, not a judge.

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