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Quiet Title and Foreclosure Defense

The Legal Title to your home may be Clouded by the original bank selling off your loan debt to other banks and Wall Street Trusts.   Many homeowners are now challeging the "Clouded Title" the banks have created through Quiet Title actions.  In these actions, we demonstrate the Bank separated the Title from the loan, therefore making the loan no longer secured against your property.   This especially helps in any Foreclosure action, where many banks can't even produce the original of the Debt instrument (or Note), since they sold it off years before without even recording it with the County Clerk's office.  This action starts with a Chain of Title Assesment, where we find out who actually has a valid legal claim to title to your property.   Quiet Title is one growing aspect of Foreclosure Defense, but there are many other aspects of Foreclosure Defense as well.   In many cases the banks may agree to a loan modification, cash for keys, and other solutions that at least give some relief to the lender.