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Florida Dispute Resolution

Pre-suit Mediation

Everyone hates costly and lengthy litigations. A lengthy court battle is a tedious process for all the parties involved. Pre-suit mediations occurs before the formal filing of any lawsuit, petition, or pleadings. It is a quicker, less expensive, informal way to resolve any business dispute, legal battle, potential lawsuit or any conflict. Generally such proceedings are confidential, avoiding the often embarrassing public courtroom legal battles.

Civil Circuit & County Mediation

The difference between Circuit and County Court civil disputes is based on the dollar amount in dispute. Cases in which the amount in dispute do not exceed $15,000 are assigned to County Court. In cases where the amount exceeds $15,000 the case will be assigned to Circuit Court.

Family Mediation

Parenting plans, child support, and division of property are just some of the issues involved in family mediation. Family Mediation offers couples with disputed issues the opportunity to determine and control the terms of their settlement. It reduces emotional stress of the adversarial nature of the courtroom.

There are basically two types of Florida divorces, contested and uncontested. Uncontested means everything is agreed to by the parties. A contested Florida divorce is where one or more issues cannot be resolved between the parties and the Court has to decide these issues in a trial. It is usually much less expensive to have an uncontested Florida divorce. Obviously it saves the parties a lot of time and money and aggravation if they can sit down with each other during the course of one or more meetings to work out their differences.

Dependency Mediation

When the Court orders a dependency court case involving you and your children be referred to mediation. This information is provided to assist you in understanding this process. Mediation is an opportunity for you, the parents, to make some decisions about you and your children instead of the Court. According to the Florida Dispute Resolution Center, as of 2012, then entire State of Florida only had 221 certified dependency mediators.

Appellate Mediation

Once a case is resolved at trial, there may be a later attempt to amicably resolve appeals early in the appellate process and thereby save the parties time, expense, and uncertainty. Even with a Court victory, the prevailing party may wait years before the appeal is resolved. A resolution between the parties in Appellate Mediation makes a resolved case truly resolved. According to the Florida Dispute Resolution Center, as of 2012, then entire State of Florida only had 371 certified appellate mediators.